What’s really in our sewer systems?

The sewage system. It’s not a place a lot of people like to be, or even a place people like to think about being. We know that waste from our homes ends up in the sewer, they [the sewers] sometimes smell, and rats are probably making their homes in them. The major question is what else could be in or living in the sewers?

Plumbers get called out to homes to fix a clogged drain which is blocked by many different items. Majority of the time the drain stoppage is caused by something normal, a hair ball, bad piping, etc. Then there are other times where a small child has decided to flush something down the toilet, which then needs to be retrieved. While these situations are still common, some plumbers have been lucky enough to find some really random items in the sewers!

An elderly gentleman once called the plumbers in a panic because he lost his teeth down the drain. His teeth?? Are you serious! Yes, his dentures did fall down a drain, a plumber was able to rescue the teeth, and the man was planning to use them again. Hopefully after a serious deep cleaning.

On another house call, one plumber found himself in a situation where there was a seriously clogged toilet. Usually a toilet clog is a relatively easy fix for a professional plumber, and the drain from a toilet is fairly small, so you’d think not a lot could fit down it. Surprisingly, a fairly large item can fit down the toilet. The plumber was finally able to get the drain unclogged and found out what was causing the clog. To his surprise a pair of pants had made their way down the toilet. These weren’t your typical pair of pants though. They were orange prisoner pants!

Here are a few of the many other crazy objects that have been found in drains:

  • Stuffed animals
  • Money, credit cards, bus passes, etc.
  • Turtles, fish, and other aquatic animals (No, they don’t end up in the ocean like it says on Finding Nemo).
  • A canoe
  • Christmas trees
  • Mattresses
  • A live dog

The list could go on and on. Needless to say it seems like everything can make its way to the sewer systems, especially if you live in a large city.

A friendly reminder to use trash cans to dispose of anything that doesn’t belong a drain. If you happen to find yourself in a clogged drain situation give All Star Plumbing and Restoration a call. We will be more than happy to come fix your clogged drain or retrieve your lost items.

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