Professional’s vs the Handy Man

You’ve run into a plumbing issue, now what do you do? Most people go right for the internet, which can bring you millions of different ideas on what to do in your situation. You’ll receive suggestions on how to fix it yourself, a handyman to call, or a professional to get in touch with. What should you do though?

A lot of factors can go into a decision like this. Yes it may be less expensive for you to fix it yourself, if you are capable and comfortable doing that. Other options are to call a local handyman or a plumber. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these options, which should you choose?

A handyman is great for small and simple fixes. Typically they are not licensed or specialized in one specific area. Instead they have a vast knowledge of many issues that can arise in a home. The experience of the handyman, will determine how much they can do and the quality of their work. If you have a small issue that needs to be taken care of a handyman might be the option for you. Be aware there is a chance they are not licensed, and may not have all the recommended or proper tools. If they aren’t licensed they probably haven’t gone through all the extensive schooling and training of professional plumber.

If you have a major problem, it’s wise to go with a professional plumber. A plumber must go through extensive training and apprenticeship before they receive their license. During this process prospective plumbers learn all the different coding and rules in the state. Health and safety is the number one concern in any situation which involves your home. By hiring a plumber you will have the trusted feeling of knowing they have been licensed and have passed tests ensuring they know how to do their job. A plumber also can tell you about potential problems they notice while working on your home.

All Start Plumbing and Restoration can give you the best of both worlds. We will give you quality friendly customer service while providing you the work of a professional plumber. Call All Star Plumbing and Restoration today to set up an appointment for any plumbing questions or concerns.

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