Household Radiant Floor Heating

Temperatures are still well in to the 80’s here in Boise, but if anyone knows the weather in Idaho, they know this will be changing any day now. In just a matter of weeks the weather will switch to fall and quickly make another switch to winter. The seasons changing means cold weather is around the corner and heating bills will be on the rise. Radiant floor heating is a great alternative to heating a house with many wonderful advantages.

There are many different forms of radiant floor heating systems. Two of the most common are electric and hydronic. The electric option operates via electric wires and the hydronic option works from hot water tubes or a hot water heater. Electric floor heating systems are typically cheaper and easier to install. Over time an electric floor heating system will cost more to operate, but they are a great option for a smaller home. Although more expensive to install due to the complicated installation process, hydronic floor heating systems cost less to operate leading to long term savings. They are an ideal option for larger homes.

In recent years, radiant floor heating has been a growing in popularity. This style of heating saves consumers money, usually about 20%-50% during the winter months. There are many advantages of switching to a radiant floor heating system. Besides saving home owners money, radiant floor heating will also keep you very warm. It’s a scientific fact that heat rises, so heat coming from the floor will keep the lower portion of the room warmer and the ceiling cooler. Radiant heating is also silent. There will be no more roar of a furnace as it lights up to heat your home.

Everything with advantages also has disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages to radiant floor heating is the installation. Once the flooring of a home is in place it becomes very difficult to install a radiant floor heating system. If there’s already a floor in place the only option is to remove the floors for installation of the new heating system. The ideal time for installation is during new home construction.

Although any style of flooring will accommodate radiant heating, some flooring options work better than others. The best flooring options are stone, ceramic, etc. These tend to hold heat effectively, they also can handle higher temperatures. Wood flooring has the potential to expand and shrink with fluctuating temperatures. Vinyl, plastic, and carpets will work but can reduce heat flow.

All Star Plumbing and Restoration is ready to help with radiant floor heating. If you are investigating radiant floor heating options or need service work on radiant floor heating contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration and ask about our radiant floor heating services!


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