Do Your Pipes Need Repaired?

Where would a home be without a plumbing system? Plumbing systems are often neglected until they create an issue, and interrupt routines. The plumbing system in a home is responsible for many daily tasks everyone relies on to get through the day. If a pipe in the plumbing system is damaged there is a possibility you cannot cook, clean, or even shower. To avoid major plumbing issues there are a few warning signs the pipes and drains will provide. As soon as any of these signs appear, a professional plumber should be called immediately.

  • Water Spots: One of the most obvious signs are water spots in your home or your yard. For leaks occurring outdoors another sign is increased vegetation, due to the higher amount of water being released back into the ground. An increase in vegetation may mean there is a leak in the sewer or water line. In the home, water spots may become visible by mold spots growing or the appearance of mildew. Remember mold and mildew can not only damage a home, but can be a health hazard. It’s important to call a plumber immediately. A leak in a pipe can also cause severe water damage.
  • Slow Drains: One of the major causes of a slow drain is a clog. However, a slow drain can also indicate issues with the pipes. A slow drain can be a sign of damage to plumbing vents. Plumbing vents allow air into the pipes which helps sewage and waste easily move through the pipes. Another cause for slow drains can be mineral deposits deep within the pipes.
  • Smells: If a nose is turning up with disgust from a horrid smell around the drains, the pipes may have a problem. Horrid smells can indicate a leak in the sewer line or a clog. If the line is clogged, waste will settle. Without the movement, smells will come from the pipes and drains.
  • Low Water Pressure: Generally water pressure is kept high. High water pressure allows for water to easily travel whenever a faucet is turned on, or water is needed. A leak or clog will lower water pressure, since the pipes are not working 100% effectively.

These warning signs may indicate a general location of a leak or a broken pipe. Often the damage can be further away from the leak as water runs along the outside of the pipe or seeps into walls and flooring. Damage to pipes can be hidden deep in the ground or under a house. A trained professional has the correct tools available to detect the exact leak and determine the cause of the leak. If your home is showing signs of damaged pipes do not hesitate to contact All Star Plumbing & Restoration today!

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