Summer Storms and Wind Damage

Spring and summer storms can bring some nasty wind with them. These winds can damage property and make a costly mess. If a windstorm happens to blow through and damage the home or surrounding area, All Star Plumbing and Restoration can offer their restoration services.

After windstorms it is common to find roof shingles scattered along the ground along with tree branches and other debris. However, there are precautions that homeowners can take to limit the amount of debris flung about during a storm.

Often, the roof receives the most damage during a windstorm. It’s best to make sure the connection between the roof and walls is strong enough. The shingles should be checked to make sure the nails are penetrating the rafters or trusses.

If a large storm is brewing and homeowners are aware of it beforehand, putting plywood over windows can help protect them from being broken by flying debris. This should also be done on glass doors and skylights.

Store and secure anything outside that could become airborne in the wind. This usually includes barbeque grills, patio furniture and toys. Trim the trees in the yard so stray branches can’t fly off and cause damage.

Sometimes here in Idaho there isn’t enough time to prepare for a storm, or the precautions fail. That’s when homeowners should take advantage of our disaster restoration services. We can assess the damage, contact the insurance company and coordinate the repair and restoration efforts.


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