Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

Commercial buildings have their own share of potential plumbing problems. Unattended plumbing issues can be costly for a business. Anyone who owns a business or is looking to start one should be aware of the problems that they could run into.

  1. Clogged toilet/drain

This is a pretty common issue every building will probably experience at some point. The first thing to do when this happens is turn off the water. This will prevent overflow. Some clogs are an easy fix, but for those that aren’t, a professional plumber is the solution.

  1. Fixture leaks

Wear and tear can cause leaky faucets in commercial bathrooms. These leaks may not seem like much of a concern, but they can increase the water bill if not fixed.

  1. Bad odors

The U-shaped pipe that makes up the floor drain can dry up and release sewer odors. There is a liquid odor block that can be poured down the drain every few months to help eliminate this problem.

  1. Toilet leaks

Sometimes water is being released, but it doesn’t seem to be running. This can waste thousands of gallons of water a year because they aren’t often detected. To see if the toilet is silently leaking, add coloring to the tank. If after about 15 minutes the color can be seen in the bowl, there is a leak.

  1. Water temperature problems

If customers or staff notice there is no hot water, or it doesn’t stay warm for long, the water heater might be having issues. With this issue, calling a plumber is a must. Water that is too hot can also be serious problem and may require adjustments to the hot water heater.

A commercial building will probably run into one or more of these problems. When that happens, call All Star Plumbing and Restoration. They can assist businesses in all of their commercial plumbing needs.


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