Radiant Floor Heating

Walking on a cold floor with bare feet can make anyone want to jump back into bed on an autumn morning. This is why now is a great time to install radiant floor heating before the weather starts turning chilly.

Here’s what homeowners should know about radiant floor heating:

  • What is it?

Radiant heat flooring is an under-the-floor system that conducts heat through the floor surface.

  • How does it work?

Hydronic systems use water tubes, and a boiler heated by gas or a regular water heater. While the hydronic system is more expensive to install then an electric system, they are better at heating larger areas.

  • Pros

The heat is insulated and not lost to surrounding surfaces. The temperature can also be set lower than a traditional system. There’s also no noise with radiant floor heating as with traditional forced-air heating.

  • Cons

These systems can be difficult to install. Most people choose to install them during remodeling, while the flooring has yet to be put in.

  • The best flooring

Materials that conduct heating well work best with radiant floor heating. Stone, concrete, vinyl all work well, but the best is ceramic tile. It conducts heat quickly.

Installing radiant floor heating is one of the services All Star Plumbing and Restoration offers. Give them a call and stay warm during the cold months.


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