Holiday Lighting Precautions

Holiday lighting is a great way to light up the home with holiday spirit. When decorating with strands of lights, there are a few precautions homeowners should take:

  • Inspect the lights: If any have frayed or cracked cords or broken sockets, they should be thrown out. These are huge fire hazards.
  • Read the instructions: Usually manufacturers will have a warning for how many strings can be connected. Don’t string more lights together than instructed; they could overheat.
  • Replace burned-out bulbs: Instead of taking burned-out bulbs out of the socket, and just leaving it empty, be sure to replace them. Empty sockets can also cause the strand to overheat.
  • Check for interior or exterior use: Inside lights shouldn’t be used outside and vice versa. Lights used outdoor must be weather-resistant.
  • Don’t use nails or staples: When hanging up lights, used approved hangers rather than nails or staples. They could cut through the wire insulation and potentially start a fire.
  • Take outside lights down within 90 days of putting them up: This can help prevent them from getting chewed on by animals and damaged by the weather.
  • Store them safely: Coil the strand loosely around a piece of cardboard and wrap them in paper or fabric to protect them, before putting them in a container. When lights become tangled they can become damaged in storage.

Also, when decorating the tree with lights, make sure the tree is properly hydrated. Dried out trees with hot lights can go up in flames in a matter of minutes. This usually happens after the holidays when the tree has yet to be taken down, but isn’t being watered anymore. Don’t wait too long to dispose of the tree and always turn the lights off before bed and when away from the house.

Even when taking precautions, sometimes lights can malfunction. If holiday lights cause a fire this holiday season, All Star Plumbing and Restoration can help restore what was damaged. Visit their webpage to learn more about their restoration services.

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