Signs the Bathroom Plumbing Needs Replaced

The bathroom gets a lot of use. The plumbing in the bathroom sustains so much wear and tear that eventually it may need to be replaced. Replacing plumbing can be costly, so don’t replace it before it needs to be. Here are five signs the bathroom plumbing needs replaced:

  1. Outdated/Faulty Hardware

This is more of a cosmetic issue, but old sink hardware and showerheads that won’t come clean or have become rusty can signal it’s time for an upgrade. Old fixtures bring the risk that pieces of metal are chipping off and getting in the water system. Switching out the hardware can prevent this and give the bathroom an updated look.

  1. Obvious Water Issues

Faucets that leak and drains that keep getting clogged can become a problem. Leaky faucets should be replaced so they don’t waste gallons of water. Drains should be unclogged and cleaned out, but if the clogging continues, the drain or pipes may need to be replaced.

  1. Poor Water Volume

Corroding pipes could be the reason for low water pressure in the shower. It affects everything in the bathroom, but is most often noticed in the shower water pressure. This calls for a full pipe replacement.

  1. Poor Water Quality

Rusty or odorous water can be an indicator of a problem with the water heater. Many water heaters contain rods called sacrificial anodes, which are steel cores covered in aluminum, zinc, or magnesium. Corrosive and bacterial elements in the hot water tank are attracted to the anode to prevent these particles from entering the pipes. However, the rods break down over time and can let these elements into the pipes causing rusty or foul-smelling water. In this instance, the water heater should be replaced.

  1. Mold

When mold is present, it means water is running somewhere it shouldn’t be. This usually means a pipe is leaking. The pipe will either need fixed or replaced, depending on the severity of the leak. Call a plumber right away if mold is present in the bathroom.

If any of these signs are present in the bathroom, contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration. The Treasure Valley plumbing experts can fix any bathroom plumbing issues whether it be a leaky faucet or a complete re-pipe.


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