Preventing Spring Storm Wind Damage

The warmer temperatures the Treasure Valley is experiencing can bring some pretty nasty storms. One of the most damaging components of these spring storms is the powerful winds. It can cause damage to homes and yards, creating a costly mess. While the Treasure Valley might not get hurricane-strength winds, it does get some pretty forceful winds, mostly during the spring months.

Straight-line winds, those anywhere above 50 miles per hour, are the ones most likely to cause damage to homes and yards. They can blow smaller unsecured objects around, breaking and damaging structures. Wind traveling even faster can break tree limbs, uproot smaller trees, and peel off roof shingles.

What can homeowners do to minimize or eliminate the chance of wind damage to their property? Here are some tips:

  • Lock all windows and seal any openings exposing the home
  • Make sure every large object (storage shed, dog house, etc.) is properly secured in the yard
  • Pick up smaller items, such as toys chairs, tables etc., that could blow away and put them in safe storage
  • Take down any yard or house decorations that could become airborne
  • Park the car in the garage if possible so it is away from flying debris
  • Close the garage door completely and lock it if possible
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed and clear away broken branches
  • Get the roof checked for loose shingles routinely

Of course, some things can’t be prevented. If wind damage does happen, All Star Plumbing and Restoration can help restore the property back to its original state as part of their restoration services. They will also contact the insurance company so homeowners don’t have to deal with all of the small details. Whether it’s a damaged fence, or just debris that needs cleaned up, All Star Plumbing and Restoration can help.

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