Keeping Pets Out of the Toilet

Animals drinking out of the toilet bowl has been a prominent funny bit in movies for decades. However, for many pet owners it is also a reality. While it might seem endearing, or just plain annoying to some, there could be harmful effects to pets from drinking toilet water.

Many homeowners use chemically-based cleaners for cleaning the toilet. These can stay in the bowl after cleaning, and if pets ingest too much of it, it could be very harmful. Some homeowners also use bowl fresheners that stick to the side and release cleaning agents with each flush, leaving an even larger amount of chemicals in the toilet bowl.

Whether it’s the coldness and freshness of the water that is drawing them to the bowl, or the fun factor of knowing they shouldn’t, there are ways to stop this behavior. First off, Make sure their water dish is always filled with fresh water. Pet fountains can keep water bowls filled and fresh all day long to prevent them from running out of fresh drinking water.

Secondly, make it a habit of everyone in the house to close the toilet lid once they are done. This might be a difficult step for those with children or stubborn husbands who don’t think they should put the lid down, but this step could squash the toilet drinking for good.

If the pet in question is talented enough to open the toilet lid themselves, make it a habit to shut the bathroom door. Again, this might take some time for everyone to get in the routine, but it will be worth it in the end or, invest in a child lock for the toilet.

It might be funny when a pet drinks from the toilet bowl, but it could end up negatively affecting their health. Some vets say it is fine, while other are more worried about chemicals. In the end it’s up to pet owners’ discretion.

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