Drinking out of Conventional Hoses

The warmer weather is bringing out the garden hoses for watering, sprinklers, and washing cars. One thing these hoses shouldn’t be used for is drinking. Those drinking out of conventional hoses could be taking in heavy metals and plasticizers along with that water. HealthyStuff.org, a Michigan-based Ecology Center, did a test in 2013 to find… Continue reading Drinking out of Conventional Hoses


Why is the Showerhead Whistling?

Stepping into a hot shower in the morning can be a nice, relaxing start to the day unless the showerhead starts emitting a loud, whistling noise when turned on. It’s not a great way to start off the morning. Usually when this happens, it’s due to a problem with the showerhead itself or the pipe… Continue reading Why is the Showerhead Whistling?