Checking for Water Damage

Water damage can cause huge problems for homeowners. It can lead to toxic mold and cause permanent, costly structural damage to the home. This is why homeowners should be able to recognize the signs of water damage and know where to check.

Whether buying, selling, or just worried about the possibility of water damage, check these places for water damage:

  1. Walls

Stains on the walls and ceilings are the easiest sign of water damage to spot. Don’t discount a stain, it could be a leaking pipe or drain. Cracks in the drywall can also be a sign of water damaged walls.

  1. Floors

Water damage doesn’t only affect wood flooring. It can happen to any type of flooring. Check for warping or buckling of the floors. Pay special attention to the flooring in the basement. Stains on wood floors, damp carpet, or mustiness can also be a sign of water damage.

  1. Basement

The most common place to find water damage is in the basement. Generally, the presence of water damage can be noted by the smell of mold or mildew when walking into the basement. Also look out for cracks, stains, rust, and dampness.

  1. Attic

During the winter and early spring, ice dams can leak water into the attic when they melt. Check to see if the insulation is dry and in good condition in the attic. Also look for stains and mold.

  1. Exterior

Have the roof inspected for damaged flashing and damaged or missing shingles. Be aware of standing water outside of the home. The gutters and drainage might not be ideal and could cause water to leak into the house.

If homeowners notice signs of water damage in any of these places, call All Star Plumbing and Restoration. Their experts can assess the situation and dry out the water damage to prevent further issues. Don’t let water damage go unnoticed.

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