Jetting Drain Line Cleaning

Getting tough clogs out of drain lines often require the help of a plumber. Many plumbing companies use a plumbing auger to try and unclog whatever is lodged in the pipes. The certified professionals at All Star Plumbing and Restoration use high pressure water-jets.

This technology guarantees complete and detailed cleaning of the draining system, by being powerful enough to unclog blockages deep within the system. They can clear obstructions and remove tree roots that have invaded the pipes. This can help prevent clogs from occurring in the near future.

Snaking pipe drainage systems only clears clogs while using a water-jet also cleans off materials that can build up on the pipe walls, such as minerals and grease. It does this with a high-powered, concentrated stream of water. The ability to not only clear the drain, but clean it at the same time is why using a water-jet in the drain can be a better option than using an auger on clogs.

If there have been multiple drain line blockages recently, it might be time to contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration about using a water-jet instead of an auger. Multiple blockages mean there may be a larger build-up or tree roots that are in the way, which can’t be solved by snaking the drain.

When the experts at All Star Plumbing and Restoration come out to do a jetting drain line cleaning, they first inspect the drains and pipes to identify the clog and its cause. With this knowledge, they set the water-jet to an appropriate setting, taking into account the width of the pipes and content of the clog before blasting it with the powerful jet.

Don’t let clogs rack up hundreds of dollars in plumbing costs. Talk to All Star Plumbing and Restoration about jetting drain line cleaning to clear the blockage once and for all.

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