Choosing a Sprinkler

With such intense heat in Boise and the Treasure Valley right now, it can be tough to keep lawns looking healthy and green. Sprinklers are a great tool to get the lawn its optimal amount of water throughout the day, but the efficiency of the sprinkler depends on the right sprinkler head being used.

When determining which sprinkler head to use on the lawn, homeowners need to take into account the dimensions of the area, the water pressure available, and other factors. Here are some of the common sprinkler heads and what they should be used for:

  • Spray Heads

These sprinkler heads spray water in specific circular patterns that can be changed. For maximum efficiency, these sprinklers should be placed no more than 15 feet apart and supplied with 20-30 PSI of water pressure. This makes them ideal for smaller, hard-to-reach areas.

  • Rotors

These sprinkler heads also disperse water in a circular motion, but are not fixed. They swivel to cover a larger area. For maximum efficiency these should have a PSI level equal to the space between each unit. They can cover a much larger area than spray heads, making them ideal for fields and large yards.

After deciding which sprinkler head will be more efficient, homeowners will need to decide which style will work best for their situation, choosing between a pop-up or fixed design.

  • Pop Up

This style is most common because it remains out of sight while it is not being used. It makes mowing the lawn easier without sprinkler heads or pipes stick up for the lawn mower to avoid.

  • Fixed

Generally, these are used to reach taller plants, because they sit up out of the ground at all times. They aren’t the best choice for the middle of a lawn.

Sometimes sprinklers can malfunction and cause flooding within the lawn or close to the house. If homeowners are noticing water reaching the house from their sprinklers, call All Star Plumbing and Restoration. They can inspect the flooded area for water damage and restore it if necessary.


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