Showerhead Options

Before calling the experts at All Star Plumbing and Restoration to install a new shower head, homeowners may need some help selecting the right one. With a ton of options available, making a decision can be difficult.

Standard Wall Mount

This common shower head comes in many different styles ranging from basic fixed-position shower heads with one setting to rotatable fixtures with multiple spray settings. Most people go with this type of shower head simply because of the options offered.

Top Mount

For those who want something a little more luxurious, a top mount shower head could be the best option. It is either installed in the ceiling or hangs down from an extension arm. Most people think of a rain shower head when they think of this type of showerhead.

Sliding Bar

For a household full of people of varying heights, a sliding bar shower head could be the answer. It slides up and down a wall-mounted base to wherever the user needs to position it.


This shower head removes from its mounting for easier rinsing capabilities. It’s a great idea for those with kids or pets. They are also available in a two-in-one combination with both a handheld and traditional fixture.

Shower Panel Systems

Installing one of these systems can create a very luxurious shower experience reminiscent of a Jacuzzi that a person stands up in. These can be customized from the number of spigots to the output volume.


Want to have more water pressure without increasing the water bill? An aerating shower head combines air and water to create the sensation of enhanced water pressure, without actually increasing it. This option costs more, but will be worth it in savings later on.

Once homeowners find the perfect shower head for their bathroom, call All Star Plumbing and Restoration to install it. They also offer faucet and fixture repairs if you really like the shower head you have but it isn’t functioning correctly.

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