The Benefits of Radiant Heat Flooring

The mornings are starting to cool off now that Boise and the Treasure Valley head toward autumn. Right now would be a great time to consider having All Star Plumbing and Restoration install radiant floor heating in the house.

This type of heating system conducts heat through the surface of the floor, which then travels up into the air, heating the entire room. It’s more expensive to install than traditional heating methods, but it is cost-effective and energy saving which means it will save homeowners money in the long run.

Radiant floor heating can save homeowners 20 to 50 percent on their energy bills during winter since the floor only needs to be heated to about 80 degrees. It also doesn’t lose heat as fast because the heat is insulated and constant. Radiant heating is also silent compared to loud furnaces that make sure the whole house is aware when they kick on.

Radiant floor heating doesn’t work well with all types of flooring however. For it to work best, the flooring needs to be made of a material that conducts heat well. This includes stone, concrete, vinyl and more. Ceramic tile tends to be the best choice while wood and carpet are the least effective.

Homeowners considering this type of heating system should talk to the experts at All Star Plumbing and Restoration. The best time to get radiant floor heating installed is during a remodel or when a new house is being built. It’s much easier to install the system when new flooring is being installed. however, it can be installed at other times too.

If lower energy bills, silent heating, and evenly distributed heat sound good, then radiant floor heating is a great choice. Have All Star Plumbing and Restoration install it before fall and winter hit Boise and the Treasure Valley.

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