Professional Drywall Installation

When a home has water damage, sometimes the walls become damaged and need patching or replacing. Drywall repair jobs involve a lot of heavy materials and tools in addition to finishing expertise to match the surroundings. Dry wall repairs should be left to experts like the ones at All Star Plumbing and Restoration. They offer sheetrock services for people who need to patch or replace walls in their home after water damage.

One reason to let the pros handle drywall jobs is to ensure electrical wiring or plumbing is not disturbed during the process. If these two things accidentally get messed up, there could be injuries, or additional water problems within the home.

Another potential problem with DIY drywall repair is large gaps that can occur and can leave the wall unstable. It’s worth the safety to hire a professional for drywall jobs. When hiring All Star Plumbing and Restoration, the homeowner can be sure there will be proper installation, quality, and a faster installation than with a DIY job.

Here are the steps All Star Plumbing and Restoration takes when installing drywall:

  1. Cutting the drywall to fit before lifting and hanging it against the wall’s boards to drill it into place
  2. They use “mud” to lather across the drywall seams, sealing any cracks
  3. Then drywall tape is added to the seams before two more layers of “mud” to make sure the tape holds
  4. Next a pole sander is used to sand the “mud” to give the wall an even appearance.
  5. Finally, texturizing is done, if needed, to match surrounding walls.

After the sheetrock is installed and textured, it can be painted. Homeowners in need of wall repair or replacement due to water damage, fire damage, or wind damage, should call the experts at All Star Plumbing and Restoration.

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