Ice Dams Causing Water Damage

This winter, homeowners should keep an eye on their roof. Giant icicles hanging from the roof might set the scene for a winter wonderland, but they are also dangerous. These icicles can fall down and hurt someone, but they also signal that there’s a serious problem with the roof or attic, and possible water damage inside.

In homes that are well designed and constructed, the attic has its own dry and cool environment. However, when an attic is not isulated by proper sealing and insulation, it can get warm and moist. When this happens, it can melt the bottom layer of snow on the roof. From there the melted water runs into the gutter where it refreezes and starts creating an ice dam.

Moisture can get into the attic in many different ways, both interior and exterior. The obvious cause of moisture in the attic on an older home is a leaking roof. However, it can also happen in newer homes with perfectly fine roofs.

If the attic is not properly sealed, warm air from the house can make its way into the cold attic. Once inside the moisture in the air condenses and settles on cold surfaces, like the roof. If this is the case, mold and mildew can quickly start to grow in the attic.

To combat this issue, homeowners will need to locate where the air is coming into the attic. Often it entering through light fixtures, ceiling fans, and electrical outlets. The cutouts where these items were installed need to be properly sealed to stop the air from leaking in.

Another point of air entry into the attic could be the attic access hatch. Air leaks in this area can be fixed by adding weather-stripping around the perimeter of the hatch. There are also pre-insulated hatch cover kits available.

If homeowners are noticing ice dams on their roof, they should call All Star Plumbing and Restoration to check the attic for possible water damage. If homeowners are unaware that there is water damage in their attic, it’s likely that mold and mildew has started to grow, which can pose safety and health hazards. The team at All Star Plumbing and Restoration can tackle water damage and dry it out.


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