Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing is an integral part of a working kitchen and needs to be dealt with before most other aspects when remodeling the kitchen. Not making the plumbing a priority could be a costly mistake. Avoid these common plumbing problems during kitchen remodels:

  1. Sink First

Before choosing cabinets and countertops, choose the sink and determine where it will be located. If the sink does not fit in the new cabinets, they may need to be cut to reach the waste piping in the wall or may not be usable at all. Choosing cabinets first can cost homeowners a lot of extra time and money for a plumber to go in and correct the issue. Choosing the sink first and having it installed before the cabinets will give allow adequate time for plumbing modifications if necessary.

  1. Flooring Under Dishwasher

To save time and money, some homeowners will choose to put the flooring around the existing cabinets and dishwasher, instead of underneath of them. However, if a new dishwasher is being installed, it means the plumbers may have a difficult time getting the old one out. Save the time and hassle of removing the flooring in front of it, and just have flooring installed under the cabinets and dishwasher.

  1. DIY

A lot of people are the do-it-yourself type, but when it comes to plumbing, this generally isn’t a great idea. If the plumbing is installed incorrectly for a new sink or dishwasher, it could lead to costly water damage in the brand new kitchen. Hiring a plumber to do the work could end up saving them from ruining the new flooring and cabinetry.

Kitchens are one of the most commonly remodeled rooms in the home. They require a lot of knowledge about plumbing, electrical wiring, and more. Start with talking to All Star Plumbing and Restoration about installing the new sink and dishwasher and the rest of the process will go smoother.

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