Benefits of a Water Softener

Hard water is dangerous for a home’s plumbing system and appliances, as well as the health of those living there. That’s why All Star Plumbing and Restoration offers a water composition assessment and water softener installation.

Installing a water softener can come with many benefits, such as:

  • Cleaner Surfaces

Hard water can leave stains on silverware, glassware, mirrors, plumbing fixtures and more. With softer water, this won’t happen.

  • Improved Skin and Hair

If hard water leaves stains and causes rust, think of what it can do to people. Hard water often causes dry hair and skin, leaving people feeling itchy. Soft water is free of the minerals that cause this, making hair and skin feel softer.

  • Clothes Last Longer

Some of the minerals in hard water can prevent soaps and detergents from working correctly, shortening the life of clothing. Without those minerals clothes stay whiter and brighter longer, and the fabric remains strong.

  • Appliance Life-Span

Hard water can take its toll on any appliance. This includes dishwashers, coffee makers, water heaters, and more. They are likely to break down quicker, and need to be replaced, wasting money.

  • Saving Money

With soft water people have to use less soap and shampoo, don’t have to use more water to wash things multiple times to get them clean, and won’t have to spend money on new appliances as often.

  • Health

Some people feel ill from drinking hard water because of the minerals in it. Remove these minerals with the help of a water softener and feel the difference in health.

  • Environment-Friendly

It’s been said that having a water softener in the house can reduce greenhouse gases equivalent to removing one SUV from the road for a year. That can be a big draw for those who are environmentally conscious and trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

For homes having troubles getting dishes clean, or notice hard water stains on fixtures, talk to All Star Plumbing and Restoration. We can come out and do a water composition analysis to figure out if hard water is the culprit.


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