Preventing Mold in Your Home or Business

When mold begins growing in a home or business, it can quickly cause issues. Mold can trigger allergies and respiratory illnesses, as well as damage the structure of the building itself by latching onto the wood and beginning to break it down. With the problems mold brings, preventing mold growth in homes and businesses is important.

These steps can help to prevent the growth of mold:

  1. Address Spills and Leaks

Often, mold occurs after a spill or leak was not properly cleaned up, or not cleaned up quickly enough. Wet or damp materials or areas should be dried within 24 to 48 hours. If the source of the water is a broken or leaky pipe, it needs to be fixed immediately. The faster wet or damp surfaces are dried out, the less chance mold has to take hold. Call All Star Plumbing and Restoration at the first sign of a water leak.

  1. Inspect Surroundings

The ground outside of homes and buildings should be inspected because outside factors can also be the source of mold. Ground that slopes toward the building may let runoff or rainwater seep into the foundation, crawlspace or basement. Also check that downspouts are clear and pointed away from the home.

  1. Dry Wet Surfaces

Not all surfaces become wet from a spill or leak. If moisture is present on any surface inside the building it should be dried immediately. Condensation in particular can increase the likelihood of mold growth on wet surfaces. Open windows or doors, and gets fans blowing to dry out rooms with condensation or high humidity.

All Star Plumbing and Restoration knows not all mold is preventable. That is why we offer water damage dry out, restoration, and mold remediation. Their experts can fix the source of the water damage, dry it completely, restore the damaged space, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our restoration services.

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