Cast Iron Sinks

There are many great material options when it comes to sinks. Each has their own advantages as well as some disadvantages. Those considering replacing the sink or choosing a style to install in a new home should take a serious look at cast iron.

Cast iron sinks are made of two layers. The foundation is a heavy, durable iron alloy. This is then coated in a thick enamel top layer. Together these layers create an impenetrable surface that is also lustrous.

While cast iron sounds old-fashioned, there are many reasons it is a top choice for plumbing fixtures. Three of these reasons are:

  1. Strength

Other materials can be easily scratched, cracked, or stained with daily use. Cast iron is a heavy-duty material resistant to chips, burns, cracks and scratches. It’s very rare that cast iron will become damaged on the surface and it can last for many years. Cast iron is also used for plumbing pipes, because of this strength and noise suppression.

  1. Style

With so many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, enameled cast iron can be matched to any kitchen or bathroom décor. New cast iron plumbing fixtures are being designed constantly, making cast iron look more modern and getting away from that old-fashioned feeling.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

A large amount of cast iron is made from scrapped and recycled materials. Many homeowners are leaning toward creating greener homes and installing cast iron sinks and fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom could help in this endeavor.

Installing a new cast iron sink should be left to a plumber. Any DIY project involving plumbing can possibly lead to water damage. Talk to All Star Plumbing and Restoration about installing new cast iron plumbing fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom.

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