Innovative Smart Toilets

Toilets have advanced in many ways throughout the years to become what is seen in homes today. However, toilets are not done improving. The new technologies being tested and brought to toilets aren’t just about using less water, but about comfort and pampering. Check out what toilet manufacturers could be rolling out soon:

Smart toilets have some crazy gadgets, and the Numi from Kohler is no different. This new toilet design features a night light, heated seat, a bidet with temperature controlled water, an air dryer, a deodorizer, music, and feet warmers. It also cleans itself, so that’s one less chore around the house. The entire system is controlled by a touchscreen pad.

The fastest growing feature on pampering toilets is the integrated bidet. It’s becoming more common in the less-expensive smart toilet lines. This feature cuts down on water usage. How? Less toilet paper gets flushed down the toilet. Less water can be used for flushing and there’s not as much strain on the plumbing system.

Getting the public to switch over to smart toilets is probably going to take some time and problem solving. It’s difficult to get people to break routine and try new things. Many people are likely to think smart toilets are frivolous.

Another issue toilet manufactures face is the use of electricity. Most of these models use electricity, so they will need a place to plug in. In the traditional bathroom setup, outlets are not usually located near the toilet. This would require some remodeling for homeowners.

The biggest speed bump for selling smart toilets though is the cost. Home appliances are already expensive, and most people don’t want to spend any more than they already must. The cost is expected to keep moving down into a more affordable range, however. American Standard’s ActiClean is under $500, which is a commonly found range for major appliances.

Toilets are used multiple times a day. People can end up spending anything from a year to three years of their life on the toilet, so why not make it more comfortable? Keep an eye out for more affordable smart toilets or invest in some add-ons.


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