The Benefits of Natural Gas Appliances

Natural gas appliances can contribute to energy savings in the home. There are a large number of appliances on the market that use natural gas. The following gas appliances have many advantages over their electric counterparts:

  1. Hot Water Heater

Gas water heaters can heat water faster, and only when necessary. This lowers water heating expenses for homeowners by not keeping hot water sitting in the tank. There’s a wide range of models to fit everyone’s needs.

  1. Stoves and Ovens

Gas ovens and stoves last a long time. They also have fewer parts, making them easier to maintain. Stovetops offer immediate temperature adjustability and don’t stay warm for long after the burner is turned off.

  1. Clothes Dryers

Although they are more expensive upfront, the energy savings more than makes up for it. Gas dryers dry clothes faster and use less energy than electric dryers.

  1. Heating Systems

When compared to electric systems, gas furnaces last longer and deliver heat up to 25 degrees warmer. This can cut operating costs.

  1. Grills

With their open flame, gas grills provide a more authentic flavor to the food. They can be connected to a gas line, or a propane tank for traveling options. For those who grill a lot, a gas grill connected to a fixed line can be a smart move.

In general, gas appliances cost less to operate then electric appliances. Most will also operate just fine when the electricity is out due to a downed power pole or storm. All Star Plumbing and Restoration can install a natural gas line inside the home and even extend it outside for grilling or firepit purposes. Along with installation, we also provide repair services should it become damaged.

Learn more about using natural gas inside the home by visiting the All Star Plumbing and Restoration website.


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