Bathtub Cracks and Chips

Bathtub Cracks.jpg

Cracks or chips in a bathtub are not only unsightly, but can cause other issues down the road. The best way to avoid these issues is to know what causes them. While many situations can lead to cracks and chips, here are some of the most common:

  • Improper Installation

If the bathtub wasn’t properly installed with the correct support, it is more likely to develop cracks over time. Instead of just repairing the cracks, it would be a good idea to either have a new bathtub installed or at a minimum reinstall the repaired tub to prevent any more issues later.

  • Dropped Items

If a heavy item is dropped in the bathtub, it can chip away at the surface. This could be something like a large shampoo bottle or repair tools. Be careful when handling heavy items in or near the bathtub. Consider covering the bathtub with a tarp or drop cloth when using tools near the tub.

  • Weight

Sometimes a bathtub can’t handle a certain amount of weight, and the floor begins to flex and crack. Fiberglass bathtubs should be able to hold up to 415 lbs. of water no problem, but if the design is faulty or the support isn’t right, too much weight can be damaging.

All Star Plumbing and Restoration has the equipment and training to fix these imperfections to prevent any problems. Here are three reasons to have the bathtub fixed instead of ignoring it:

  1. Potential Leaks

Cracks and chips could allow water to leak through the tub causing water damage in the flooring underneath. This leads to mold and mildew growth, which could begin to cause health issues.

  1. Injuries

It’s common for people to slip on a soft or flexing bathtub floor, causing injuries. Getting the tub repaired can prevent falls due to this issue.

  1. Replacement

If the bathtub cracks and chips are left for too long, after a time, repair might not even be possible. This will force homeowners to replace the bathtub, which is a costlier ordeal than repairing it. If in doubt, contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration to determine whether your tub needs repairs or replacement.

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