Selecting the Best Shower-head

As in many things, everyone has different preferences when it comes to their shower experience.  Some folks are looking for a budget friendly wall-mounted showerhead, others like the hand-held version for its convenience, while still others are looking for a multi-jet spa-like experience.  Regardless of which one is your ideal showerhead there are still going to be a large number of options to choose from.

Before you run out and make a purchase you’ll want to consider the water pressure you have to work with.  A tester should be used to determine what amount of water pressure you have available.  These can be found at any hardware store.  The tester simply screws on in place of the shower arm and can give an immediate psi reading.  Most new showerheads require between 40-60 psi, which is typically not a problem unless the home has a leak, old pipes, or there is a clog somewhere.  After determining that you have enough water pressure, it’s time to do a quick comparison of the options.

Hand-held Showerheads – the convenience of these units has made them incredibly popular in recent years.  The 3-6’ hose makes tasks such as bathing kids, washing the dog, and cleaning the inside of the tub a breeze.  These units are generally idea for a family bathroom.  They’re affordable (starting at around $40), easy-to-install (mounts directly onto existing plumbing), and customizable (many different combinations of jets are available).

Wall-mount Showerheads – these are the most economical option if you simply want to replace an old or broken unit, prices on these can be as low as $2 for a new one.  A wall-mount showerhead will also install with existing plumbing.  These units offer some variety with options on the nozzle for different types of spray depending on preference.

Top-Mount or Multi-Nozzle Showerheads – to achieve the full spa experience with water hitting you from head to toe you’ll want to look at either a top-mount or a multiple nozzle set-up.  In both of these set-ups it’s important to note that there will be a substantial amount of new plumbing required.  You’ll want to contact All Star Plumbing before beginning the installation of one of these units.  A spa shower panel typically includes several spray nozzles installed in multiple locations around the shower while a top-mount is often just a single showerhead mounted above the shower.  This is the most expensive option with top-mounted units starting at around $500.

There are many great options for showerheads. After considering your shower preference, budget, water pressure, and plumbing it’ll be easy to find a unit that fits your needs.  The experts at All Star Plumbing are always available to assist with showerhead installations as well.


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