Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Everyone loves the longer days of summer.  Relaxing by the pool and family barbecues are the best, so the last thing you want to be dealing with in the middle of all that fun is a plumbing problem.  Check out this list of 4 common summer plumbing issues, as well as tips on avoiding them.  Here’s to enjoying a cold glass of lemonade and an afternoon chilling on the deck!

Backed Up Shower Drain – throughout the summer months you and your family may visit various swimming areas, many of which have nice sandy beach areas.  Unfortunately, some of that sand will get tracked home with you and likely end up in the shower.  If this happens frequently it could lead to a back-up in your shower and a slow moving drain.

Suggestion: use the public showers before you leave the swimming area to rinse off the majority of the sand.  Consider using a drain cover to prevent small pebbles or seashells from getting down the drain.

Sprinkler Head Problems – it’s been a long, hard winter for everyone, and that includes your automatic sprinkler system.

Suggestion: Check each sprinkler head during the initial use to look for broken or cracked heads.  Even a small leak in the sprinkler head could be costly over an entire summer.  It’s recommended that you take the failed sprinkler head with you to the hardware store to help you find an exact replacement.

Garbage Disposal Clogs – with more people in the house during the summer there always seems to be more put down the garbage disposal.  Common summer foods such as fruit peels and rinds, bones from BBQ’s and other items can cause major problems for your garbage disposal.

Suggestion: never put bones or fruit rinds down the garbage disposal, make sure those items go straight to the trash.  Also run cold water through the garbage disposal for about 10 minutes after usage to clean it out well.

Blocked Toilets – let’s face it, kids can be rough on the household plumbing, so having them home more in the summer can increase your odds of having a problem in the bathroom.

Suggestion: be sure to remind kids of proper toilet etiquette – what to flush and what not to flush, how much toilet paper to use, etc.  It might also be a good idea to keep the plunger handy.

Hopefully your summer will be free of any of these issues and filled with good times instead.  However, if one of these turns into a more substantial problem call All Star Plumbing for a quick plumbing fix.

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