Designing Your Dream Kitchen

kitchen renovation.jpg

Do you have a summer renovation project coming up?  Everyone loves the look of a brand new kitchen, but figuring out what style fits your tastes the best can be tricky.  Here are some things to consider.

Space – are you trying to make the most of a tight space?  If so consider a more traditional kitchen but with light colored cabinetry and countertops, large windows to make the space feel more open, and small details in things like crown molding, cabinetry, light fixtures, and plumbing faucets and fixtures.  These features will draw the attention to the more intricate details and away from the overall size of the space, in addition to making it feel as open as possible.

Entertainment – do you enjoy hosting family and friends?  A kitchen built for entertaining includes things such as a large island with plenty of counter space, a double oven for large meals, and plenty of space for visitors to gather.  In most large gatherings the kitchen is the focal point so give consideration to details such as lighting and sound to allow to you to set the mood to fit the event.

Modern vs. Rustic – which of these two styles best describes your preference, as well as the design of the rest of your home?  If you’re looking to go the rustic route consider a weathered look for the cabinetry, darker colors, and a hood over the stove that draws attention.  Earth tones for the paint color and brushed metal finishes give a truly rustic feel.  If modern is more your thing focus on stainless steel, stone backsplashes, and wood countertops.  Some modern pendant light fixtures and lighter wall colors add the necessary finishing touches.  Remember a modern kitchen should have sharp, clean lines to it.

Storage – are you one of those people that owns every kitchen gadget ever made?  If so maybe storage is the primary focus for your kitchen redesign.  Some great ideas for unique storage include vertical dividers for trays and cookie sheets, a pull out lazy Susan, a built-in mixer stand, a pull-out spice rack, and cupboards with sliding shelves.  Dividing the cupboards into smaller spaces and making those as accessible as possible is the key to creating more storage.

Designing a new kitchen doesn’t have to be stressful, instead find your style and enjoy the creative process of coming up with something that will fit you and your family for years to come.  All Star Plumbing can help with all of your plumbing and fixture needs during any kitchen renovation.


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