Plumbing Considerations when Building a New Home

home construction

Are you considering building your dream home?  If so you’ve probably thought a lot about cupboards, flooring, layout, and décor but very little about plumbing.  Plumbing is an extremely important piece of your home though, and should get some of your attention as well.  There are some plumbing items that will be difficult to address later, but are a breeze during the initial construction.  Set yourself up for an easier future by reviewing all of your options.

Hot Water Heater – choosing the correct hot water tank is actually more complicated than you might think.  You’ll first need to decide whether you want a hot water tank or a tank-less system.  A hot water tank is typically cheaper, but often doesn’t last as long as a tank-less system.  Next you’ll need to look at your fuel source for heating the water.  Are you going to use gas, oil, electric, propane or solar?  A professional plumber from All Star Plumbing and Restoration can talk you through the advantages and disadvantages to each.  Finally you need to select the size of the tank based on the number of people you expect to live in the home.  The general rule is about a 50 gallon tank for a family of 4.  A family of 5 or more would be 50-80 gal.

Type of Fixtures – many customers aren’t even aware that there are differences in the types of fixtures, other than general appearance, but there are a whole variety of options which can have lasting effects on your utility expenses.  Consider eco-friendly options when looking at fixtures and you could reduce your water utility bill substantially in the long run.  Eco-friendly options are a trend that is likely to continue into the future so it’s worth looking in to if you’re building now.

Basement Plumbing – while you may have no immediate plans to add a bathroom to the basement it’s always best to leave yourself the option.  You never know when your family needs may change, or you’ll want to sell to someone who wants to finish the basement.  For a relatively low cost during the construction phase you can leave yourself access to a water line and a waste line fairly easily.  All Star Plumbing and Restoration will be happy to work with you on the layout for your basement plumbing.

Quality Materials – this also tends to be an area that people overlook, or just trust the contractor to decide, but it’s worth taking the time to educate yourself on the options.  Choosing high quality materials can mean plumbing that lasts longer, runs quieter, and reduces water usage.  A little bit of research here could make for a much more pleasant experience once you begin living in your new home.

As construction seems to be taking place everywhere in the Boise area, we know that many of our customers are part of new home building projects and are looking to make well-informed decisions about their plumbing options.  All Star Plumbing and Restoration has worked with many of the contractors in the area and we can help you navigate the options when it comes to plumbing for your new home. 


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