The Power of Wind


A common misconception is that only wind damage caused by a hurricane or tornado is going to be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.  The facts are, that while the Boise area doesn’t get a high number of tornadoes we do have high winds that result in damage to homes and business that require involvement of your insurance company.  Wind over 50 mph can cause substantial damage, such as loss of shingles or siding.  Slightly higher winds can cause other objects to become flying projectiles that cause further damage and these winds can even remove older roofs entirely.

What should you do if you experience this type of wind damage or if you feel you may have?  Contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration first.  By making us your first call you can get an unbiased opinion on the severity of the damage, as well as a realistic idea of the time and cost involved to get the repairs done.  The professionals at All Star Plumbing and Restoration have worked with countless homeowners and their insurance companies to get wind damage problems addressed promptly.   We will get out to your property asap to start the process.  From there, we’ll contact your insurance company and begin to get things moving.  Once your insurance provider is in agreement about the damage, we can get the restoration taken care of as well.

One of our customers, CR Managers, LLC had the following feedback on their interaction with All Star Plumbing and Restoration, “I have been in the property management business for over 32 years.  Many people in the trades make promises they either can’t or don’t keep.  I have never, I repeat never, regretted my long working relationship with Brian and his incredible support group at All Star Plumbing.  They get it right the first time, always deliver as promised, and price their services with the long term in mind.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

For years the team at All Star Plumbing and Restoration has worked hard to establish a solid reputation as experts in the field of property restoration and specifically wind damage.  We’ve been a long term partner in the community and have had the pleasure of restoring many properties.  We’ll be here for years to come ready to support our customers whenever the need arises.


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