Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Jobs

With the holidays fast approaching you may be considering a refresh for the bathroom or kitchen area.  If that’s the case there are some important plumbing considerations for you to think about.  In many situations highly used sinks and faucets will need replaced or repaired during the time you own your home, and this can be a great opportunity to not only update your look but also to relocate your plumbing.  Maybe you’ve always wanted that kitchen sink in the island or you’ve wanted to change from a pedestal sink to one with some cabinet storage space, there’s no better time than during a kitchen or bathroom facelift.  The expert plumbers at All Star Plumbing and Restoration have helped many homeowners’ complete similar projects.

In doing a renovation there are some items you may want to consider:

Faucets – choosing whether you want separate knobs for hot and cold water verses a single lever can make a difference in the plumbing set-up.  It’s a simple change for your plumber should you opt for an option that’s different than the existing set-up, but you’ll want to let them know your plan.

Sinks – there are options for single basin sinks, double basin sinks, apron sinks, under mount sinks, and many others.  If you’re replacing the countertops, now is definitely the time to upgrade your sink as well.  There will never be an easier time to relocate and plumb for a new sink style or location.

Showers – a shower or bathtub change can require some additional plumbing changes, especially when going from one option to a shower-bath combo.  There will be a need for more plumbing, extra faucets, adjustments in plumbing heights and positions.  This is also the perfect time to swap out your showerhead should you want a different style.  The plumber will already be making plenty of changes and getting you set-up with your dream showerhead is an easy add-on.

Toilets – replacing the toilet during a bathroom renovation can certainly require plumbing changes.  The plumbers from All Star Plumbing and Restoration will take measurements for pipes and bowl sizes, determine the appropriate waste pipe length for the model toilet you’re purchasing and make sure all of the old and new piping match up beautifully.  They can also make suggestions on bathroom layout should you want to change to or from an elongated toilet bowl model.

When the timing is right for your next bathroom or kitchen upgrade contact the experts at All Star Plumbing and Restoration before you get started and let them assist with some plumbing guidance to ensure a smooth project and beautiful results.

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