Choosing a New Hot Water Heater

If you’ve got guests coming for the holidays you may want to give some thought to the age and condition of your hot water heater.  Having extra people showering, running loads of laundry, creating dirty dishes, etc. can substantially increase the demand on your hot water heater.  You certainly don’t want that old hot water… Continue reading Choosing a New Hot Water Heater


Why did my water bill suddenly jump?

For many people their monthly or quarterly water bill is pretty consistent with the occasional bump for watering the lawn in the summer or filling the pool.  If you notice an unexpected spike there may be a plumbing problem to blame.  There are a few common areas we recommend you check first to see if… Continue reading Why did my water bill suddenly jump?

Exterior Drainage System

Your home is your biggest investment, and as such you want to do all that you can to protect it.  It turns out that one of the biggest risks to your home is water.  A recent study released by the Concrete Foundation Association found that 85% of home structural damage is caused by poor drainage. … Continue reading Exterior Drainage System