Exterior Drainage System

Boise PlumberYour home is your biggest investment, and as such you want to do all that you can to protect it.  It turns out that one of the biggest risks to your home is water.  A recent study released by the Concrete Foundation Association found that 85% of home structural damage is caused by poor drainage.  This means that dealing proactively with problems in your home’s drainage system could save you thousands of dollars.  There are some key indicators to watch for to help you avoid a drainage problem that include – water stains on your basement walls and puddles close to your home’s foundation.  Either of these could indicate that your home’s water drainage system is not working properly.

The risks of letting surface water build-up are substantial.  The consequences for sitting on a problem too long can include basement leaks that lead to flooding, mold growth in the basement, loss of value to your home resulting from water damage, foundation cracks which can affect the integrity of the home and damage to landscaping.  Water drainage isn’t something to mess around with.  If there’s a problem get it fixed right away.

Every home has a perimeter drainage system to deal with rainfall, snow melt, and rising ground water issues.  This system involves a plastic or PVC perforated pipe installed underground and going around the perimeter of your home.  These perforations create thousands of tiny holes which allow water to enter the pipe and then be safely drained away from the home.  These pipes are generally covered with a mesh “sock” which helps keep soil from getting into the pipes.  Unfortunately over time there are still likely to be clogs, damage from roots or general deterioration.  In older homes these drain systems were made from clay or concrete which will collapse or break down over time and require replacement.

If you suspect a problem with the drain system contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration.  We can send out a technician to access the pipes and determine the full scope of the situation.  If the pipes are clogged but not damaged we may be able to flush the system rather than replace it.  If, however, pipes have collapsed or had substantial damage, the system will need to be replaced. To prevent more expensive repairs it’s recommended that a professional inspect the system periodically to look for potential problem areas.  This can be done by inserting a camera into the drain and taking a look inside.

Newer piping materials have made exterior drainage problems much less frequent, many homes will go decades before requiring any maintenance for the drain system.  Older homes that have not had drain pipes replaced with plastic or PVC will need attention, and newer homes should have periodic inspections.  In either situation the team at All Star Plumbing and Restoration is able to help.  Give us a call today to get a trusted member of our staff out to give your system a look.

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