Tips for Cleaning the Shower

Shower cleaning Tips

If you’ve ever stepped in to your shower and thought, “maybe I’ll just use the one at the gym instead” then it’s time for some cleaning.  The good news is that thoroughly cleaning your shower takes less time than you might imagine.  If it’s been a while than you may need an extra dose of elbow grease, but if you do it fairly often it’ll be a breeze.  Gather your materials: a good sponge, tub & tile cleaner, vinegar, a lemon, an old toothbrush and a squeegee.

If your shower has a curtain step one is to take the liner down and throw it in the washing machine on gentle cycle.  It’s a fast, easy way to get it really clean.  Of course don’t put it in the dryer or you’ll be headed to the store for a replacement.  Next remove everything from the shower – shampoo/conditioner, soap, razors, toys, etc.  To get the mineral deposits and other build-up off of the shower head put vinegar in a plastic bag and use a rubber band to secure it so that the shower head is soaking in the vinegar.  Leave it for at least an hour and continue on with your cleaning.

To clean the hard water stains from your shower faucet cut a lemon in half and rub the inside of it over the faucet.  It’ll sparkle and smell great.  The shower track is often the most disgusting area of the shower.  One of the best ways to get all the gunk out of there is to spray it down with some vinegar and then go after it with an old toothbrush.  If you really want to get into the tiny spots use a Q-tip too.  Rinse with water afterwards and you’re all set.

Use your spray bottle of vinegar to hit the glass shower door if you have one.  Spray it down, scrub with your sponge, rinse with water, then wipe it down with your squeegee. This will leave the glass looking gorgeous and streak-free.  The last remaining space is the walls and floor.  Start at the top and work your way down to allow you to stand in the shower without risk of falling.  Spray your tub and tile cleaner and allow at least 5 minutes for it to work its magic before you start scrubbing.  Use your sponge to wipe down each wall.  If you hit a particularly heavy buildup of soap scum, try adding some baking soda to your sponge to give it a little abrasion.  This should take care of the problem.  Hold off rinsing the walls until you’ve done the floor.  Go through the same process you just completed on the walls with the floor.

Finally rinse with hot water using either the shower head or a bucket.  You should be able to run your hand over the walls of the shower without hitting any resistance.  If it feels anything but smooth than you still have soap scum and you should clean that area again.  After you’re confident the walls are clean wipe those down with your squeegee as well.  If you clean your shower on a regular basis, you’ll likely be able to move through these steps in just a few minutes and you’ll appreciate the results every time you get in.

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