Double Trouble – Shower & Toilet Clogged

Boise Plumbers

Have you ever been taking your morning shower and noticed that the water doesn’t seem to be draining from the bottom?  You start to notice that water is up over your ankles by the end of the shower and at this point you recognize there’s a clog in the shower.  You hop out, continue through your morning routine, and figure you’ll need to deal with that after work, until you go to use the toilet and it too is clogged.  After nearly overflowing your toilet all over your work clothes, panic sets in.  Is everything in the house clogged?  What’s going on?

The reality is that your sewer main is clogged and that means that everything upstream from that is going to have a problem.  A clog in the sewer main will prevent anything that drains into it from functioning properly.  If there’s nowhere for that shower water to go it will simply pile up in the tub or shower stall.  The good news is that since the obstruction in your drain is blocking multiple locations you know that it’s fairly deep in your plumbing system, and that you’ll need to call All Star Plumbing and Restoration.  This is not likely a problem you’re going to solve on your own.  So at this point you can continue on to work and let the professionals from All Star Plumbing take care of it for you.

The source of your problem could be several things.  Often there’s a tree root, or excessive grease, blocking the main sewer line.  In other cases something is blocking your vent pipe, which will require getting on the roof to confirm and remove. In either case, you’re talking about a bigger job then a plunger will handle.  Our team will use advanced equipment to send pressurized water through the lines if needed, seal off the sewer main if roots have caused damage, or completely replace destroyed sewer lines.

For the majority of homeowners none of these are jobs you can do yourself, and attempting them could end up damaging your plumbing even further.  We will work hard to minimize damage to your lawn while we locate the problem and we’ll make sure we leave your home looking and functioning great. No one wants to wake up to a plumbing problem, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day.  We can get the job taken care of right away and at a fair price.  Put All Star Plumbing and Restoration to work for you.

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