Smart Plumbing in 2020

Smart Faucets

Like many other industries, plumbing is embracing the use of smart home technology and expecting tremendous growth in this area in the coming year. The smart home market is growing at an incredibly rapid rate and is expected to continue to do so for the next several years. While plumbing may not seem like the most obvious area for this type of advancement, it really has incredible opportunities to improve life for homeowners by reducing water consumption and saving money.

One great example is the voice-activated faucet. If you think about your kitchen faucet for a minute you’ll probably realize that it gets turned on and off countless times each day. You use it for washing dishes, scrubbing dirty hands, filling pots, cleaning fruits and vegetables, and so much more. Throughout all of that there are hundreds of gallons of water that get wasted when the faucet is running unnecessarily. Using voice-activated technology to turn on and off the faucet dramatically reduces the amount of water used each day. By incorporating smart technology into the faucet you can also do things such as tell it the temperature you want the water to come out at, set limits on the amount of water to be used, and tell it exactly how much water to use.

Let’s look outside the home. Smart sprinkler systems can be controlled through an app on your phone to set run time and watering schedules. In addition, many of these units can even adjust the sprinkler system’s schedule based on local weather forecasts. It can be cumbersome to remember to turn off the sprinkler system for the day it rains and many people simply forget, this wasted water can be completely avoided through the smart sprinkler system.

Toilets are seeing the improvements as well. Things like nighttime lighting, heated seats, and auto flushing are all part of Bluetooth enabled toilets. Showers have adopted the same technology for voice-activated capabilities which allow you to turn the shower on and off, set the temperature, and limit the length of the shower, which could save you a fortune if you have a teenager or two in the house.

One other area of great interest to homeowners is the ability to protect their home when no one is there. New technologies are allowing for leak detection on everything from the washing machine, to the hot water tank, to the pipes throughout your home.  This type of advancement could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Finding a slow leak early saves you money on your water bill, but detecting a major problem that could lead to flooding could save you thousands. A simple notification to your phone could make all the difference.

If you want to add any, or all, of these smart plumbing features to your home this year give All Star Plumbing and Restoration a call.  We’ll get you set-up with the latest and greatest of everything and we’ll provide thorough training in the proper operation of these new additions.

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