Do Daily Shower Cleaners Actually Work?

automatic shower cleaners

You’ve likely seen commercials for those cleaning units that you put in your shower and they automatically clean the shower for you every single day. That certainly sounds fantastic, but does it really work?

First it’s important to understand that there are many different things that make your shower “dirty”. Mold, mildew, soap scum, mineral build-up, and bacteria are a few examples of the various gross things you may find in your shower. There are also a variety of surfaces in your shower area. You may have glass doors or a shower curtain, plastic or ceramic walls, and a variety of options for the shower head and handle. It turns out that some of these get cleaned really well using an automatic shower cleaner, while others not so much.

There are several different options for automatic shower cleaners and one of the first things to note is that “automatic” doesn’t necessarily mean “hands free”. There are some options that do all of the work with the push of a button, but the majority are a cleaning product that you actually spray on all of the surfaces in your shower. Within the world of spray cleaners there are again a million choices. There are aerosol options, foam cleaners, and more traditional sprays.

The foaming options work fantastic for getting rid of deposits such as soap scum and hard water, but will require consistent daily use to be fully effective. Many of the spray choices are great for removing watermarks and soap scum but also provide a fresh scent to the whole bathroom. They can generally be used every few days rather than daily. Be sure to pull your shower curtain fully across the opening after spraying the cleaner to allow it to get between the folds of the material and prevent moisture from getting stuck in there. The shower curtain is one area that automatic shower cleaners struggle with.

Scrubbing Bubbles makes a truly hands-free shower cleaning option that allows you to clean your entire shower by literally tapping a button. It sprays in 360 degrees to ensure all 4 corners of the shower get cleaned. It prevents stains from building up and dissolves soap scum. It also has a great smell that it leaves when it’s done. It is recommended for daily use, but pushing a button once a day is definitely better than scrubbing the whole shower down.

It turns out that automatic shower cleaners actually work very well. Many people keep at least one option in their bathroom and find that with regular use they never have to worry about gross bacteria growth or unpleasant smells taking over their shower.

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