Plumbing Nightmares

Plumbing leaks

Everyone has had to deal with an overflowing toilet or a spraying faucet, but some plumbing problems are certainly worse than others. A leaky pipe hidden within the walls can be an absolute nightmare. If you find water dripping from your ceiling or running down a wall you obviously know you’ve got a plumbing problem but knowing what to do about it may be a lot harder. In most cases you’ll want to contact a professional plumber, such as All Star Plumbing and Restoration, to come in and take a look.

Why do I need a professional?

It may seem like a small job but often times a leaky pipe has created a far bigger issue. In many situations that pipe has been leaking for a long time. That means that it may have done substantial damage to the drywall or plaster, mold could be growing, or subflooring could be rotting. All of these are issues All Star Plumbing and Restoration can address. Cutting open the drywall could expose you to something dangerous such as black mold, but at the very least it will make a serious mess.

Just getting to the leaky pipe is beyond most DIY plumbers. You don’t know exactly what you’ll find behind that drywall. You need to be very cautious when cutting holes and beginning demolition. Once you actually do get to the pipe, now what? Even if you’ve assessed the problem and found the source it’s no small job to cut the failed section of pipe out, remove and replace it. You should also be prepared that there could be liquid of various forms still inside the pipe, which again could make a colossal mess once cut open.

A professional plumber can get to the source of the leak, remove the damaged pipe and replace it typically in just one visit. All Star Plumbing and Restoration is in the unique position of also offering restoration services which allow us to replace the damaged wood or drywall and take the project all the way to completion with a finished coat of paint. So if you discover an unwelcome drip, drip, drip, give us a call immediately.

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