Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning

It’s no one’s favorite job…cleaning the bathroom. The kids groan when assigned this job, you procrastinate as long possible to do it, and your spouse pretends they don’t see how gross it’s getting. Unfortunately, someone has to tackle it. Here are a few simple tips to make cleaning your bathroom not such a tedious process.

Empty the Space – while this seems like it will just add more time to the job, it actually really helps things move along. By removing everything from the countertops, bathtub or shower area, toilet, etc. it’s far easier to work efficiently when cleaning. Not to mention the last thing you want is the overspray from your household cleaner ending up on your toothbrush. So grab a box, toss everything in, and set it in the hall. Next grab towels and rugs and throw them in the washer. This is also the perfect time to grab the trash can and give the medicine cabinet a quick purge.

Dust First – start by dusting since you’ll be knocking dirt down from the corners of the walls, light fixtures, and other high places. This will end up getting your countertops and floors dirty, so best to start here. Then run the vacuum to get it all up off the floor.

Shower Spray – hit the shower with some cleaning product and then leave it while you move to other things. Giving the cleaner some time to really work will make cleaning the shower so much easier later.

Hit Every Surface – once a year you should put some cleaner in a bucket and use a washcloth or sponge to hit literally everything – walls, baseboards, towel and toilet paper rack, windowsills, and more. Just work your way from one end of the room to the other.

Time for the Toilet – use a bowl cleaner and brush for the inside and a general purpose cleaner for the outside. Between the two you should be able to quickly knock this out.

Sink Area – start by using a glass cleaner to hit the mirror then spray a general cleaner over the countertops, sink and faucet. Grab that washcloth or sponge again and wipe all of these surfaces down.

Return to the Shower – now’s the time to head back to your tub/shower area. The cleaner should have worked its magic by now, which will make this a snap. Grab your sponge and wipe down all of the surfaces being sure to hit the shower head, faucet, and door tracks. If you have glass doors you may want to use a glass cleaner to do these separately.

Back to Normal – the final step is to put everything back that you cleared out earlier. For most people an hour once or twice a year for a serious cleaning is all it takes. A few mini-cleans (just hitting toilet and sink) in between and you’ll be all set.

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