Crazy Things Found in The Plumbing

Plumbing Issues

As plumbers we never know exactly what we’re walking into when someone calls with a clogged drain or a toilet that won’t flush, but usually it’s something fairly common causing the clog.  Every once in a while though we find some really crazy things in your plumbing.  Here are a few of the most unique items found by plumbers around the country.

One California plumber was startled to discover that a clogged toilet contained the customer’s lost set of both upper and lower dentures!  That plumber really made his customer smile.  An Ohio plumber found a set of 4 class rings from 1969 and had the pleasure of tracking their owners down and reuniting long lost high school buddies.

One family’s teenager got creative with changing the toilet paper roll and flushed both the old cardboard roll, as well as the plastic toilet paper holder.  Apparently the young man thought each new roll of toilet paper came with the holder in the middle.  His parents were less than thrilled with the cost of needing a plumber to educate their son on this topic. Many kids have flushed items that have required visits from the local plumber.  Everything from toy cars, to plastic dinosaurs, to Barbie have made their way into the household plumbing.

Another plumber unclogged a Starbucks toilet and found hundreds of dollars of cash shoved in there.  Apparently another man had robbed a bank earlier in the day, locked himself in the Starbucks bathroom, and hid the cash in the toilet to come back later for it.  In another local business ,a plumber found a driver’s license and a yo-yo had been flushed and were causing the back-up.

One plumber was cleaning out a septic tank and found a prosthetic leg in it.  He decided to clean it up and take it home as a trophy.  In another bathroom the local plumber found a stick of deodorant and a pair of heart shaped sunglasses in the toilet.

While most of this is just silly it does serve a purpose to remind our customers to be careful what you put down your family’s plumbing lines.  If you don’t want to be listed as one of these crazy stories, only human waste and a reasonable amount of toilet paper is intended to be flushed.

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