Oh No….Winter is Here!

If the beautiful days of Fall had you distracted from your usual household chores, you may be wondering if it’s too late to winterize your home. The answer is no, and possibly yes. Of course if a pipe or spigot has already frozen there may be damage that simply can’t be undone, at which point you’ll have to deal with the necessary repairs. For most situations it’s not too late though.

There will certainly be a few days ahead that are above freezing. When those days hit you’ll want to be ready to get on this quick checklist of areas you should winterize before a serious deep freeze sets in. Of course be safe and only go up on a ladder when you are able to without putting yourself at risk.

  1. Gutters – if ice dams form in your gutters it will force water to take a different route and could cause more serious damage. To avoid this, make sure your gutters are clean and, if possible, use some type of gutter guard. You can also minimize your risk of a problem by ensuring that your attic is properly insulated to stay at least 10 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature.
  2. Pipes – any pipe with potential for freezing such as those in the garage or basement area, should be insulated. In many cases this is a project you can tackle regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.
  3. Heat – if you’re going to be out of town over the holidays be sure to set the temperature in the home warm enough to prevent potential pipe freezing while you’re gone. Generally, it’s recommended that you get your heater serviced annually to reduce your risk of it going out while you’re away.
  4. Cracks – caulk around any holes or openings and use weather stripping and other types of sealant around doors and windows to make sure your home stays warm.
  5. Emergency Release – consider having All Star Plumbing and Restoration install an emergency release in your plumbing system. This will protect your home should pipes freeze by releasing pressure in the lines and preventing them from bursting.
  6. Hose – disconnect all garden hoses from outdoor spigots and shut off the valves. It’s a good idea to insulate the faucet as well. Store the hoses in the garage to ensure a longer life.

We hope these tips will keep you from any winter water disasters, but should the worst case scenario play out at your home, give All Star Plumbing and Restoration a call. Our experienced plumbers are available to help in any plumbing emergency.


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