What is an Aquastat?

  For many people the term “Aquastat” isn’t one they’re familiar with, in fact you may be wondering if this is even English. An Aquastat is quite simply a thermostat for water.  It’s typically used to keep boiler water within a specific temperature range. Your next thought might be, who cares? While boilers aren’t extremely… Continue reading What is an Aquastat?


The Benefits of Radiant Heat Flooring

The mornings are starting to cool off now that Boise and the Treasure Valley head toward autumn. Right now would be a great time to consider having All Star Plumbing and Restoration install radiant floor heating in the house. This type of heating system conducts heat through the surface of the floor, which then travels… Continue reading The Benefits of Radiant Heat Flooring

Radiant Floor Heating

Walking on a cold floor with bare feet can make anyone want to jump back into bed on an autumn morning. This is why now is a great time to install radiant floor heating before the weather starts turning chilly. Here’s what homeowners should know about radiant floor heating: What is it? Radiant heat flooring… Continue reading Radiant Floor Heating

Household Radiant Floor Heating

Temperatures are still well in to the 80’s here in Boise, but if anyone knows the weather in Idaho, they know this will be changing any day now. In just a matter of weeks the weather will switch to fall and quickly make another switch to winter. The seasons changing means cold weather is around… Continue reading Household Radiant Floor Heating