Water Heater Draining

So you walk into the basement or garage and there’s a rapidly growing pool of water in the area around your hot water tank, after thinking “this is going to be expensive” your next thought will likely be “I’ve got to contain this water before things get worse.” So what should you do? In this… Continue reading Water Heater Draining


Choosing a New Hot Water Heater

If you’ve got guests coming for the holidays you may want to give some thought to the age and condition of your hot water heater.  Having extra people showering, running loads of laundry, creating dirty dishes, etc. can substantially increase the demand on your hot water heater.  You certainly don’t want that old hot water… Continue reading Choosing a New Hot Water Heater

Plumbing Considerations when Building a New Home

Are you considering building your dream home?  If so you’ve probably thought a lot about cupboards, flooring, layout, and décor but very little about plumbing.  Plumbing is an extremely important piece of your home though, and should get some of your attention as well.  There are some plumbing items that will be difficult to address… Continue reading Plumbing Considerations when Building a New Home

The Benefits of Natural Gas Appliances

Natural gas appliances can contribute to energy savings in the home. There are a large number of appliances on the market that use natural gas. The following gas appliances have many advantages over their electric counterparts: Hot Water Heater Gas water heaters can heat water faster, and only when necessary. This lowers water heating expenses… Continue reading The Benefits of Natural Gas Appliances

Getting Ready for Fall

Fall is on its way, even if the current temperatures in Boise and the Treasure Valley don’t make it seem that way. Before winter hits, make a list of things to do around the house to prepare for the changing season. Here are some fall plumbing tips to put on that list: Hoses and Faucets… Continue reading Getting Ready for Fall

Replacing the Water Heater

Water heaters can last a long time, but eventually they do need replaced. Most people don’t know their water heater is close to dying and won’t have a clue until they are taking ice cold showers. Here are some indicators of when it’s time to get a new one: Age Homeowners can find out the… Continue reading Replacing the Water Heater