Saving Money on Your Water Bill

Right now everyone is watching every penny and looking for ways to trim the budget. Your water bill can definitely be part of your family’s money saving efforts. Take a look through the list of suggestions below and find some you think you can adopt and stick with.  It’s going to take a few weeks… Continue reading Saving Money on Your Water Bill


Gross…The Water is Brown

Most homeowners will experience the water in their home turning brown at some point.  If this is the first time it’s happened you may feel inclined to call your local plumber or stop drinking your water, but it turns out most of the time neither of those is necessary.  While brown or discolored water may… Continue reading Gross…The Water is Brown

Sources of Discolored Water

Discolored tap water can be frightening to deal with. Although it isn’t always a health hazard, most people’s gut instinct is to not trust discolored water. Whether it is brown, cloudy, or otherwise discolored, here are some of the frequent causes of discolored water: Cloudy Water Air can get trapped in the pipes, releasing air… Continue reading Sources of Discolored Water