Becoming a Plumber

While becoming a plumber isn’t everyone’s dream job, it’s someone’s dream job. A smart career decision too since its most likely everyone will need a plumber’s services at some point in their life. The start to a career in plumbing, doesn’t begin with filling out an application and being hired. There’s a lot that goes… Continue reading Becoming a Plumber

Household Radiant Floor Heating

Temperatures are still well in to the 80’s here in Boise, but if anyone knows the weather in Idaho, they know this will be changing any day now. In just a matter of weeks the weather will switch to fall and quickly make another switch to winter. The seasons changing means cold weather is around… Continue reading Household Radiant Floor Heating

Water Conservation

Heats waves are not enjoyable for anyone. In Idaho, residents experience extremely hot summers. It seems the only way to escape the heat is to head towards the water to cool off. While water will get the job done, consumers should think of ways to conserve water to avoid droughts. Water is not only needed… Continue reading Water Conservation

Professional’s vs the Handy Man

You’ve run into a plumbing issue, now what do you do? Most people go right for the internet, which can bring you millions of different ideas on what to do in your situation. You’ll receive suggestions on how to fix it yourself, a handyman to call, or a professional to get in touch with. What… Continue reading Professional’s vs the Handy Man

What’s really in our sewer systems?

The sewage system. It’s not a place a lot of people like to be, or even a place people like to think about being. We know that waste from our homes ends up in the sewer, they [the sewers] sometimes smell, and rats are probably making their homes in them. The major question is what… Continue reading What’s really in our sewer systems?

What Color Should I Paint My House?

Here at All Star Plumbing & Restoration, painting is just one of the many services we offer. With our assistance, you won’t have to pick up a brush, but you will have decide the new color of your home. In many aspects of life, color is important. Color can dictate a tone, define a setting,… Continue reading What Color Should I Paint My House?