Unique Toilet Upgrades

When updating the bathroom, one thing that often gets overlooked is the toilet. Even they can be customized to fit the bathroom aesthetics. From golden or bedazzled toilets to aquarium toilets and more, there’s a way to incorporate a fun toilet design in any bathroom.

For those who like to be comfortable in the bathroom, try this toilet designed to look like a recliner. All Star Plumbing can order and install this unique toilet for those who are tired of boring, white toilets and want some added comfort. It also comes in camouflage for those outdoor enthusiasts!

The arm rests make it easy to relax or hold a book while getting business done. It would definitely make guests feel more at home if installed in the guest bathroom and would be a conversation starter. Skip painting the walls and invest in a much more fun bathroom upgrade.

Bathroom in need of an upgrade? Give All Star Plumbing a call and let them install a new, fun toilet.


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