Hose Bib Sprinkler System Hook-Ups

Having a hose bib in the front or back yard has many useful purposes. They’re great for attaching a hose to water a garden, give pets water outside, and even attaching a sprinkler system. While many sprinkler systems tap directly into the water service line of the house, they can also be connected to a hose bib.

With a “Y” shaped hose connected on a hose bib, homeowners can have their sprinkler system set up, while also being able to use the hose bib for other things. To do this:

  1. After setting up a sprinkler system, screw a backflow preventer onto the hose bib. Don’t overtighten it, because that could cause it to crack and break.
  2. Screw the Y-shaped hose connector onto the outer threads of the backflow device.
  3. Turn the right-hand handle of the Y connected to the right to close the opening.
  4. Screw the hose for the sprinkler system into the left-hand opening of the Y connector, and turn its handle to the left to allow to flow into it.

When the right-hand opening of the Y connector needs to be used for gardening, sprinkler for the kids, or something else, close the left-hand handle and open the right-hand handle. One hose bib can provide multiple uses with this set-up.

For those who don’t want to tap into their house’s water service line to hook up a sprinkler system, a hose bib install could be a good alternative. Hose bibs can be installed by All Star Plumbing and Restoration in a timely manner for a low price. They also offer frost-proof hose bibs since Idaho tends to get below freezing quite often during the winter. These hose bibs have a longer stem that enables them to be more connected with a heated space so they don’t freeze and freeze water lines in the home.

Make this summer easier and more enjoyable for everyone by having All Star Plumbing and Restoration install a hose bib in the yard. Kids can easily attach sprinklers, and gardens can flourish with such an easily accessible water supply.


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