Animals and Plumbing Pipes

With the weather as hot as it is in Boise, animals are trying to seek cool shelter anywhere they can, including inside people’s homes. When animals get inside they can cause damage and even health issues.

While most homeowners blame attics and basements for letting animals in, the plumbing pipes are a big offender of giving animals an easy entrance and hiding spot. To prevent this, it is recommended to take steps to plug the openings around plumbing pipes to create a barrier.

Toilets have vent pipes, also referred to as a stink pipe. These pipes ventilate the gases from the room to prevent build-up. This pipe is very vulnerable to animals and needs to be guarded. Plumbers can install a mesh cap. This mesh cap allows the gases to still ventilate, but keeps animals from going down inside the vent pipe. Even if the pipe seems too small for animals to fit, somehow, they still manage to get inside it. They can squeeze into tight spaces.

Water pipes going into the house usually have a little bit of open space surrounding them, which can be an access point for small animals. To fill these openings, a material that is flexible will need to be used. Non-flexible materials, such as concrete will increase the chances of damage to the pipes. Heavy scrubbing wire is a great material to use for this purpose.

Foam material can also be used to fill these gaps, but homeowners must be very careful when applying it. The foam expands a great deal when it puffs up so a little goes a long way. People also use this foam for filling gaps around pipes under sinks to keep small animals out of cupboards.

Be careful not to use this foam around cracked pipes. It can get inside the pipe, filling it and blocking water, creating more damage. It can also contaminate the water.

Talk to All Star Plumbing and Restoration about gaps around pipes and putting mesh caps on vent pipes to prevent animal invaders this summer.

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