Common Misconceptions about Plumbers


We all know there are misconceptions and long-time jokes about nearly every occupation – donuts & police; honesty & lawyers; “cracks” & plumbers, but there are some misconceptions that don’t apply to All Star Plumbing & Restoration which we wanted to clear up.

  1. Plumbers aren’t professional – the image in your mind of a large, smelly, obnoxious, rude man coming to fix your pipes just isn’t accurate. All Star Plumbing employs professional plumbers in clean uniforms who are conscientious about not tracking dirt or other grime into your home.  All of our certified plumbers take their job seriously and come into your home with the utmost respect.  You should expect nothing less. They even wear shirts with extra long shirttails to avoid any unsightly plumber crack incidents!
  2. Plumbers love hidden fees – you’re probably thinking “I hope I never need a plumber after hours or on the weekend, that will cost a fortune in overtime” or “what hidden problem are they going to find that makes my bill much higher than the estimate”. This is not the way All Star Plumbing & Restoration does business.  We’re not looking for a one and done, we’re looking to make customers for life.  We realize that plumbing emergencies can’t be scheduled and will always happen at the worst possible time.  The last thing our customers need is to get hit with a hefty overtime bill.  Our pricing is fair and consistent.  Our plumbers will be in regular communication with you throughout the job. So if they do run into anything unexpected you’re informed right away, not just when you get handed a bill.  We recognize that it’s our job to be experienced enough in plumbing to provide accurate estimates that our customers can trust, and we do just that.
  3. Plumbers are loud and rude – the certified professional plumbers at All Star Plumbing & Restoration will speak to you with courtesy and respect, they are never loud or profane. They will explain things clearly using terms you understand.  We aren’t trying to trick our customers or make them feel stupid by using jargon that isn’t commonly understood. In addition we will listen to what you have to say.  We want your input and we recognize that you bring valuable information on the background of the problem.   We only make promises and commitments that we can actually deliver.  We know we can’t make your toilet fly, and we won’t promise to do so.
  4. Plumbers show up whenever they want and rarely have the right tools – when you schedule with All Star Plumbing we are committed to arriving promptly and fully prepared for the job. We won’t give you a 4 hour window and leave you sitting there all day.  We’ll give you a real appointment time and our technician will have the right tools for the job.

We understand that our customers are expecting more than just the clog in the drain fixed.  You deserve to have someone in your home you can trust, that values your time, and who treats you with respect.  When we walk out the door you’ll have complete confidence that you hired the right team for the job.

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